What is Video Animation and How to Use It for Business?

Posted on November 18th, 2022

Visual information can be processed six thousand times faster than text, and video animation is one of the top forms that contribute to this fact.

So, have you started using animated videos to tell your brand story yet?

In the present era, the overall percentage of visual audience is very high. Today, we have 65% of visual learners.

The impact of a visual message is 90% higher than any other type of medium such as text or audio.

Seeing the current scenario, the shift to visual content and animation video for social media marketing has become inevitable and so is the need for software used to create animated videos.

What is Animation Video?

­Animation video is a technique in which images go through the process of designing, layout addition, and photographic sequences to create an illusion of action. Animated meaning can be better understood as a simulation of movement that is created by showing a series of pictures. Animated videos for business engage the viewers and make for an interesting story-telling experience.

Why is Animation Important?

Animated videos are a visual treat! Be it a long video conveying a message to the viewer or simply a filler, animated videos for business have become a hit in the realm of social media marketing. Cartoons and animations generate instant attraction and convey the social media marketing message effectively. Created with animation video maker online, such animated videos keep the mood light while silently getting the message across to the target viewers.

What Are Different Types of Animation?

The more you know about types of animation software, the better you can use animated videos for your business and add life to your characters and brighten up your environment.

Traditional Animation

Traditional free animation video requires the artist to draw images using colored ink on a transparent paper. The animator makes drawings one after the other to create animation sequence. A perfect example of traditional animation goes back to the older days of Disney. Also, referred to as hand-drawn animation, traditional animation dominated cinema for a long time.

Traditional animation, today, can be done using a computer without the actual photography of each frame. Examples of traditionally animated movies include Pinocchio, The Illusionist, Animal Farm amongst many others.

2D Animation

Any animation that is created in a two-dimensional environment is referred to as 2D animation. Such an animation relies on two aspects (width and height) to create an expression or narrate a story.

Digital 2D animation can be better understood as the process of creating drawings and making the character in the drawings move with animation techniques with the best animation software. Best 2D animation video is a boon for the animation industry and is used in everything from cartoon series and video games to television shows, the favourite ones being Avatar, Dragonball Z and The Simpsons, to name a few.

3D Computer Animation

3D animation is also referred to as computer generated images or just CGI. 3D animation is the technique of using computers to create three dimensional images and visual environment.

3D animation technique was introduced in 1990’s. This type of animation, just like stop-motion animation follows the frame-by-frame 2D animation concept. 3D animation software offers a digital space to create characters which are then made to move.

It also offers various tools to add visual effects to create realistic objects and environments. 3D animated images are used in creative industries such as movies, games, TV commercials architecture, medicine and many more.

Many animated videos have been created using 3D animation software, such as Autodesk Maya, CINEMA 4D and LightWave. Some of the best animated movies are Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a very versatile storytelling technique used to create short animation videos. Motion graphics with animated video maker includes features of both animation and graphic design. This type of animated graphic design uses text as a major component to present any information.

Videos with lyrics are the perfect example of motion graphics. Videos with motion graphics portray a nice blend of shapes, graphics and text and create a visually appealing story.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

A whiteboard animation video, also terms as explainer video, brings drawings and text to life by creating movement in a digital environment. To draw viewers’ attention, this video stimulates the effect of objects on a plain white board. Notepad, stitch board, blackboard and glass board videos are the different types of whiteboard videos that can be created accurately with the best animated video making software.

Infographic Animated Videos

Infographics is a combination of 2 words: information and graphics. These are graphic visual representations that make complex data interesting and eye catchy. An infographic animation video combines colors, images and text to present information to the viewers in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation manipulates real world objects. These objects are photographed frame by frame by moving them slightly. So when these images are shown in a sequence, they create an illusion of movement.

There are 6 types of stop-motion animations:

  • Claymation: Malleable characters are used in Claymation. These characters are generally made from plasticine and not clay.
  • Puppets: Animators also use regular Puppets as their characters, instead of clay. The puppets are built with a skeleton rig. The character faces are replaced based on their expression.
  • Lego or Action Figures: This type of stop motion is quite popular on YouTube. There are various channels creating funny skits with Lego or action figures.
  • Cut-out: In this type of stop-motion animation, characters are created with the help of paper shapes. They are pinned together to make a figure and then moved frame by frame to be captured in a stop-motion fashion.
  • Silhouette: Silhouette animation uses flat material like cardboard, but all the objects are in black colour. This type of stop-motion shots is depicted with silhouettes only.
  • Pixelation: Pixelation is a type of stop motion animation where real people and environment are used to create unreal videos. It uses the same stop motion method to capture still photos.

Animated Cartoon

Animated cartoons like jungle cartoons and Hindi kahani cartoons use a series of drawings to simulate movement. There is a slight change shown in every frame with the help of computer graphics, puppets, etc. The most popular animated cartoons of all time are Panda Cartoon and Lion King characters.

What are Different Animation Techniques?

There are different types of animation techniques that can be used to create short animated videos.

Flip Book Animation

In flip book video animation design, artists draw a series of pictures/images with little variations to those images/pictures. So when that book is flicked at a faster pace, you see the series of images in motion. Flip book animation is the oldest but one of the most fascinating technique of animation.

Pin Screen Animation

Pin screen animation is created with the help of a screen which is pricked multiple times by numerous headless pins. This technique was invented by Claire Parker and Alexandre Alexeieff. After the pins are pricked, one side of the screen is lit which casts shadows on the basis on the depth of each prick.

Drawn-On-Film Animation

Draw-on-film animation technique involves scratching directly on an exposed film reel. This technique can also be implemented in a dark room with light variations creating shadows. These shadows are embedded on the film permanently.

Paint-On-Glass Animation

This technique utilizes slow drying paints on a glass canvas. In this way, the animator can manipulate the paint and photograph them. Usually, turpentine is mixed in the paint which lets animators work on a painting easily.

Typography Animation

Typography animation technique includes a combination of different letters and font faces that are in motion. This technique of animation is usually used in creating the titles of different videos and movies.

Sand Animation

Sand animation technique is done with sand and a lit glass table to create short animated videos. The lit glass table is used as a canvas and animation is created by moving the sand in the direction the artist wants. The artist can create different scenarios and form a story with those scenes. It takes time, but the end result is beautiful.

Why Animated Videos are the Best Strategy for Your Social Media?

  • Simplifies Your Communication: Telling an idea in the form of video makes a huge difference. Today’s GenZ audience has the shortest time span and making them stick through written text is difficult. Delivering the same message through entertaining characters, great visuals, and a catchy soundtrack will have a greater impact on social media.
  • Grab Your Viewer’s Attention: With cut-throat competition in the market, where everyone is trying to stand out and create their own voice on social media, animated videos work the best. They are quick and visually appealing and are quite effective in grabbing the audience’s attention.
  • Cost-Effective: Creating an appealing brand video requires a huge investment to be made in equipment, experienced crew, location, actors, and other requirements. However, this cost will be eliminated in the case of animated videos. You can create all the characters, locations, and scenes on your desktop itself.
  • Fun to Watch: With animated videos, you can educate and inform your audience along with entertaining them. While curating a social media strategy for your brand, make sure to include animated videos that are fun to watch for your audience. Creating relatable content will make them follow and stick to your page, where you can deliver brand message convincingly.
  • Recall Value: How often do we remember the details of a written two-page article that we read even a day ago? Well, rarely. But you will always remember the visuals and message of an animated video. This ensures that your audience is more likely to recognize and recall your brand with the logo, character, music, or any unique theme of a video.

What are the Benefits of Animation Videos for Your Business?

Videos come in various formats. The most popular way for social media marketers to tell a story is through animation. Social media animation videos help marketers to simplify complex ideas, provides entertainment, and customizes each video for diverse viewers.

Video animation integrates colors, logos, images, etc. to convey a message or information. It converts your story into a visual treat. Here are some of the most obvious benefits of using animated videos for marketing.

Retain Viewer’s Attention

Posts based on animation grabs the attention of the viewers. It initiates discussions and can further be used for promotional activities. Animated posts are enjoyed by all kinds of viewers, irrespective of their age or profession.

Simplify Complex Topics

Animated Posts can bring content to life. When ideas are converted into animated videos, you can make your character say and do things in your favor. If you have a complex topic in mind, you can easily depict that with the help of animated videos.

Hit the Chord with Target Audience

Animated videos for business bring back memories as most of us connect with cartoons. It makes us sentimental which is one the most effective feelings in content marketing. It provides more impact and sends your message to the masses easily.

Everyone Enjoys Watching Animated Videos

Animated posts can be full of information and can be entertaining as well as engaging. And when posts are interesting, they become viral over social media channel like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Animated Posts are Time & Cost-Effective

Animated videos are comparatively more cost friendly that shooting a video with real people. 2d and 3d animation video can be created easily with animation video maker online. Whereas, a full-fledged video where videographers, actors, and whole camera setup is involved, require huge investments.

Boost Conversion Rates

Learning to create animated videos is not just effective in engaging your customers, but also motivates them to buy your product or service. The idea is to include animated videos as an important part of your digital marketing efforts. You can include animated videos on your landing pages so that your prospects get to know about your deliverables in detail.

Help Clients Understand Your Product

Animated videos are most effective when it comes to storytelling. Through free animation videos, you can showcase real-life instances of how your product or service can be useful for your target audience. This will surely work wonders for your conversion prospects.

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